Slow Cooker Bacon Macaroni and Cheese

My family enjoys eating homemade macaroni and cheese and so I make it a lot. This time I wanted to mix it up a little and make it into a slow cooker bacon macaroni and cheese recipe. What could be any better than having bacon with your macaroni and cheese? I have a crock pot macaroni and cheese recipe already, but I changed this one a little to allow for the bacon to be in it. I hope you guys enjoy this super easy and delicious recipe as much as we did! Slow Cooker Bacon Macaroni and Read More... [Continue Reading]

Italian Cheesy Grits

Yes, I just did that...I made up a name for my recipe because I didn't know exactly what to call it except for yummy! So for today I give you a recipe for Italian Cheesy Grits! I threw all of the ingredients together and voila out came this fantastic recipe. A super easy recipe and one I'm glad that I made so I can make it over and over again! Italian Cheesy Grits Ingredients: 2 cups of Water 1/2 cup of Grits 2 Tbsp of Butter 1 lb of Hamburger Meat 1/2 pkg of Italian Salad Dressing Mix 1/8 cup Read More... [Continue Reading]

Pappadeaux Andouille Cheese Grits

Another amazing dish at Pappadeaux's is their cheese grits with andouille sausage. If you haven't tried them, then you must make this recipe because I think you will love them! It had never occurred to me to add things like cheese and sausage to grits to make it into a side dish for a dinner meal until I had them a Pappadeaux's. I have always eaten grits in the morning time for breakfast and that was it. The inspiration for my chicken and sausage grits recipe was because of having these Read More... [Continue Reading]

Pappadeaux Dirty Rice

If you have ever eaten at Pappadeaux, then more than likely you have had their dirty rice. We absolutely love Pappadeaux dirty rice, it goes perfectly with all of their dishes they serve. I thought it would be awesome if I could manage to recreate the dirty rice at home and we wouldn't have to wait so long to have it again. I was nervous to see how the recipe was going to turn out, but it turned out to be perfect. I'm so excited to be able to share it with you guys so you can recreate it at your Read More... [Continue Reading]

Bacon Green Beans

I have to tell you I'm not a big fan of green beans, but I am really loving this recipe! I think what makes it so great is the extra flavor you get when you bite into one of the pine nuts or crumbled pieces of bacon. Overall, it was a big hit with my family for Thanksgiving, even the kids ate it! It takes longer to make and I would not call it an easy recipe, but it is definitely worth it if you do decide to make it! Bacon Green Beans Ingredients: 2 lbs of Fresh Green Beans 1/2 of Lemon Read More... [Continue Reading]

Buttermilk Corn Pudding

I wanted to give you guys another easy holiday recipe to have for your family or to make for a potluck gathering. I came up with this super easy buttermilk corn pudding for you. I made this dish for our family's Thanksgiving dinner and everyone loved it! And if you don't like buttermilk you can easily substitute it for regular milk! I hope you enjoy this recipe! Buttermilk Corn Pudding Ingredients: 4 oz of Cream Cheese 1 stick of Butter (melted) 4 Eggs 1 cup of Milk 1 cup of Buttermilk 2 cans Read More... [Continue Reading]