#25 Random Act of Kindness

Today, my kids and I went into the gas station and I let them each pick out a piece of candy. Then I told them to pick out a piece of candy so we can give it to the cashier to have. They giggled because they got to pick out another piece of candy! After we checked out, my son told the cashier that this one is for you from us and in his own version told her about the random acts of kindness that I'm doing. She was amazed, smiled real big and thanked us.  I love doing the random acts of kindness, Read More... [Continue Reading]

#24 Random Act of Kindness

I went into the grocery store today with one goal in mind, that was to give a few of my free coupons away. I thought it would be a nice surprise to someone who could get a few items for free with them. So, I walked around the store for a bit and found this one lady with a kid and my gut told me to pick her. I went up to her and handed her the bag of coupons and told her about my random acts of kindness. She didn't know what to say at first but her kid immediately shouted "Happy Birthday" to me! Read More... [Continue Reading]

#13 – #23 Random Acts of Kindness

My birthday was this past Saturday and I spent the day celebrating with my family by doing several random acts of kindness. It was the best day ever, I really have enjoyed getting to do this project and want to thank you for following along with me! Also, I have had several people contact me telling me that they were celebrating my birthday by doing random acts of kindness too. This fills my heart with joy, I love to hear all about what you are doing and thank you so very much for sharing all Read More... [Continue Reading]

#12 Random Act of Kindness

The other day while shopping at my favorite store, I noticed a lady carrying a little baby while she shopped. There was just something so sweet about it and I had a gut feeling about her. If you haven't noticed by now, I listen to my gut intuition a lot! When I went to check out, I decided to purchase a gift card for this lady. I then went back to the lady, told her about my random acts of kindness that I'm doing and handed her the gift card. She was speechless and so was her friend. She looked Read More... [Continue Reading]

#11 Random Act of Kindness

The other day I was driving in rush hour traffic and saw two 18-wheelers trying to switch lanes and no one was letting them in. When I caught up to them, I flashed my lights at them so one by one they could get into my lane. Both of them put their flashers on as a way to thank me. I know that when I'm trying to switch lanes and someone lets me in with ease I really appreciate it too! Be kind while driving! Have you done any random acts of kindness lately? I would love to hear from you! Be sure Read More... [Continue Reading]

#10 Random Act of Kindness

Just the other night, my family and I went to IHOP for a late night supper. The waitress that took us to our booth was so very nice, she was happy, talkative and you could just tell she was a wonderful person. All throughout our dinner she did an excellent job, making sure we had everything we needed and more! One thing she did when we first sat down at our booth was she commented on my ring and how beautiful it was. This is a ring I have had for a long time, I loved the ring because it had Read More... [Continue Reading]