#25 Random Act of Kindness

Today, my kids and I went into the gas station and I let them each pick out a piece of candy. Then I told them to pick out a piece of candy so we can give it to the cashier to have. They giggled because they got to pick out another piece of candy! After we checked out, my son told the cashier that this one is for you from us and in his own version told her about the random acts of kindness that I’m doing. She was amazed, smiled real big and thanked us.

#25 Random Act of Kindness - TheLateFarmer.com

 I love doing the random acts of kindness, but also love the fact that my kids know what is going on and can’t wait to see what act of kindness I will do next! My daughter is already following in my footsteps, because she would literally give you everything she has without any hesitation! She reminds me so much of myself and it brings so much joy and happiness that she is so loving and kind! Have you done any random acts of kindness lately? I would love to hear from you!

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