Lego Sheep Build

The first post I’m doing is of a sheep. We have always loved watching the episodes of Shaun the Sheep ever since my kids were little. Now, we watch them together and just have the grandest time doing so! It is so much fun to watch them together and laugh so much! You have to watch at least one episode if you don’t know what I’m talking about and then you will be hooked!


A couple of months ago I received a baby lamb that had lost it’s mom during birth. When we got him we had to figure out a name and of course we all wanted to name him Shaun. One day after bottle feeding our new baby lamb, Shaun, my son brings me this Lego Build of a sheep. I said how in the world did you build that? He said that he thought of the design in his head and just set out to build one. So, today I will be sharing with you the first Lego Build which is a sheep! If you have any questions about this build please comment below and I will get back to you! Also, be sure to follow me on Facebook for photos of other Lego Builds!