#31 Random Act of Kindness

The day before Thanksgiving I braved going to HEB to pick up a couple of last minute items. It was completely packed in there and all checkout lanes were full. As I was waiting to be checked out, an HEB lady came up to me and asked if I would like to be moved to another lane that wasn’t so long. She was just doing her job but she did it with kindness and a smile on her face. I did move to the other checkout lane, but I continued to watch this lady managing the lanes. She greeted every single person with a huge smile on her face.

#31 Random Act of Kindness - TheLateFarmer.com

So, after we were done checking out I found a manager and told her what an exceptional job the lady was doing. Then the manager called her over and I told her thank you for being so kind. She thanked me for telling her that and I went on my way. I think it is very important to talk to supervisors or managers when you see someone doing a great job!

Have you done any random acts of kindness lately? I would love to hear from you!

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