Zarkana Cirque du Soliel

Breathtaking….this is how I felt during the whole performance of Zarkana by Cirque du Soliel. I was in complete awe of the talent and finesse of these performers. Zarkana is a visually stunning modern acrobatic spectacular that everyone should see.

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Photo by Matt Beard ©Cirque du Soleil

Not only was Zarkana a very entertaining show, it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The acts that were performed were thrilling and extraordinary! Out of the 12 acts performed, I would have to say my favorite act was the Flying Trapeze, which is pictured above. It was absolutely exhilarating to watch.

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Photo by Matt Beard ©Cirque du Soleil

Here is a list of some of the other acts performed:


Rope Duet

High Wire

Wheel of Death

Hand Balancing

They were all amazing and I loved seeing how the acts transformed into this magical world.

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Photo by Matt Beard ©Cirque du Soleil

The name, Zarkana, is definitely fitting for this show since the name is a fusion of the words “bizarre” and “arcane”.  Zarkana is a twisted fictional world, with a cryptic destination that is fantastic yet bizarre. The name refers to the irresistibly odd and delightfully strange atmosphere of this place and its inhabitants.

Zark, is the ringmaster who throughout the show is bringing his circus back to life. The setting is in Zarkana which is an abandoned theatre where the walls move, breathe and sing. The main set elements consist of three sweeping arches that represent the mutants who are trying to alter Zark’s mission.

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Photo by Matt Beard ©Cirque du Soleil

Truly a spectacular show that I enjoyed very much and would go see again in a heartbeat. Beware though, if you do get to see it you will have your breath taken away and your hands will hurt from clapping so much! Zarkana by Cirque du Soliel is currently playing in Las Vegas, NV at ARIA Resort & Casino.

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Photo by Matt Beard ©Cirque du Soleil