Wordless Wednesday 2

We got an extreme amount of rain last week, which I was very grateful for! It hasn’t rained here in awhile, so we really did need it. Bonus for me though, I got to do a little offroading on our property!


If I didn’t have 4WD on my Chevrolet Suburban I think I would go bonkers! It is way too tempting to take it out there and play in the mud when it rains! I have had other vehicles in the past that didn’t have 4WD and you know what I got stuck! But lucky for me I have this beast!!


If you don’t know already I absolutely love the Suburbans that Chevrolet makes, I have always been a Chevy girl from the day I was born, but the Suburbans are very tough. The inside takes a beating from the kiddos and the outside, well what can I say it takes on mud very well! They are a great vehicle and make my life so much easier! Plus you get to do this in it!


Even if you don’t have land you can always find places to take it out when it rains! Just don’t forget to always get 4WD on yours!! So, have fun when it rains, I always do!!


Just one more picture, because I love my truck so much!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!! : )