Stay Hydrated with Contigo Shake and Go Tumblers

Living here in South Texas it is very important to stay hydrated because it gets extremely hot here! Even though I know I need to drink lots of water, I have a hard time doing it. However, two months ago I met with the great people at Contigo and they introduced me to their Shake & Go Tumblers. Now I have joined the #WaterRevolution and no longer have a hard time staying hydrated. To say these tumblers are great would be an understatement because they are simply amazing!

Disclaimer: I received 4 Contigo Shake & Go Tumblers to review, in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own and I truly do love the tumblers!

Contigo Shake & Go Tumblers -

One thing that I completely love about the Shake and Go Tumblers are that no matter what you do or how hard you try, they just do not leak or spill any of your favorite drink out! This is a very good thing for me, because I’m constantly on the go. My typical day involves homeschooling my children, taking care of the farm, gardening and driving to run errands. On numerous occasions with “other” tumblers I have accidentally spilt them all over myself or inside my truck, but no more! Thanks to the locking lid, Contigo’s Shake & Go tumblers are completely leak proof! And I greatly appreciate this wonderful feature for my active lifestyle! 

Because of Contigo’s remarkable design in preventing me from having my drink spill everywhere, I actually drink more water now! My water intake is so much higher, because I will fill my Shake & Go tumbler with ice and water and toss the tumbler (without the straw) into my purse and walk out the door. Then when I am ready to drink my water, I simply insert the straw and drink! I don’t even have to check inside my purse to see if anything is wet, because I have tested the Shake & Go tumbler to see if it will leak and nope not once has it let me down! Ah, I’m loving the leak proof design so much!

Contigo Shake & Go Tumblers

But wait there is more, now that I have a terrific tumbler and get to drink more water, I now can think of other options such as taking my favorite pomegranate energizing tea with me. Before I thought I would only be able to drink my tea at home, but not anymore. Contigo’s Shake and Go tumblers make taking your favorite drink with you so easy. All you have to do is fill your tumbler with water, pour in your favorite drink mix, place the lid on it, shake it up, put your straw in and enjoy! No wonder Contigo has the great tagline, “Make It, Shake It, Take It” because truly it is that easy!

Make It, Shake It, Take It -

So, if you are wanting to stay hydrated with your favorite drink or just drink more water, I think the Contigo’s Shake & Go tumbler is the way to go with helping you accomplish that. Contigo was very generous by letting me review 2-20 ounce Shake & Go Tumblers and 2-16 ounce Shake & Go tumblers, but also they have provided me with a 20% discount code for my readers if you would like to purchase your own AND they are letting me giveaway a 4 pack of their 16 ounce Shake & Go tumblers to one lucky reader! Are you ready to join me in Contigo’s #WaterRevolution? If so, be sure to enter the giveaway below or visit Contigo and use the discount code: shakeitblog to purchase your own! 

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