SHe by Morton’s

On the media tour I went on in December, our group was lucky enough to get to visit and taste some amazing food at SHe by Morton’s. SHe is considered the Strip’s stylish boutique steakhouse, but they have plenty of other options to choose from besides steak.

SHe - Las Vegas -

Check out some of the delicious items they made for us while we dined at SHe by Morton’s. First they served us with caesar salad and a pear and saga salad. They were very good, on the pear and saga salad it had candied pecans, yum! Next they brought us crispy tempura shrimp with spicy aioli, shishito peppers and fresh lime….doesn’t it look delicious?

Crispy Tempura Shrimp - SHe Las Vegas -

Then they brought out a free range chicken chop with butterscotch carrot purée and brussels sprouts. First of all I have to tell you I am NOT a big fan of brussels sprouts, however I could eat them all day long if SHe by Morton’s prepared them for me! They were out of this world!

SHe By Morton's - Chicken Chop -

Next they brought out their fabulous marinated skirt steak and their beef short ribs. I only hope that one day I can prepare marinated skirt steak the way they did! It was very tender and had tons of flavor. The beef short ribs pictured below were terrific as well. I especially love the presentation of the food they made for us!

Beef Short Ribs - SHe By Morton's -

Now after being served all of those incredible dishes above, they topped off our meal by serving us a sampling of some superb desserts! I think the one that we all enjoyed the most was the peanut butter and jelly mousse.

SHe By Morton's -

In addition to all the amazing food, SHe by Morton’s has an extensive wine list and some wonderful signature cocktails to choose from. SHe by Morton’s has an elegant and fashionable atmosphere with some fabulous food and drinks to enjoy! If you get a chance while in Las Vegas, I would recommend you visiting them!

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Disclosure: I was on a media tour for Entertainment New Media Network. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.