Aren’t sheep suppose to say Bahhha?  I thought so to and I swear when I first brought home my baby lamb that is what he was saying! But now every time we go out there to see him, he says mmiiilllkkk instead! Probably because he is ready for me to feed him his bottle!! Oh the joys of having a baby lamb! I’m in love with this precious animal and so is my family.


Just a little update on him, he is now 35 days old and I have had him for only 15 days, but he is spoilt rotten! This past Saturday was the first time I was not home to be able to feed his bottle to him and assumed my husband would have no problem with his feedings, boy was I wrong! Shaun refused to eat from him and even my Mini Me tried and Shaun still refused. I’m pretty sure Shaun thinks I’m his momma for sure! When I got home that night he took down so his bottle so fast because the little thing was hungry and then he snuggled up to me afterwards! Aww, yes I’m loving every minute of spoiling him!!


Last week was the first time Shaun went out on our property and he had a blast! He follows me around everywhere! If he stops somewhere and I keep walking, when he realizes I’m not right there beside him he comes a running towards me!! It is the cutest thing to see him interact with us and have him apart of our family! Thank you Josh and Meredith at Minahan-Hansen Livestock for Shaun! I’m am so grateful to have him!

Also, I hope you enjoy the pictures from our little outing last week!! : )


The Late Farmer