Life and Death

My cat, Spunky, is a precious long haired mixed cat and she was dumped one the side of the road when she was around one week old.  My sister’s friend was fortunate enough to find her beside the road and bring her to my sister’s house. Being a newborn she had to be bottle fed, my sister already had her hands full and tried her best to take care of Spunky, but thought it was best to let me take care of her.  I have to tell you I’m not really a cat person, but I fell in love with Spunky. She was such a cutie and I loved getting to bottle feed her!  She grew up on our property and loved having the freedom to run and play anywhere she wanted all while being loved!


Well, this past Saturday night she had a litter of kittens! I was over the moon with joy and excitement! She was such a great mom to three baby kittens! I was up half the night going to check on her and her litter, but also to be able to just watch how wonderful she was with these three little cuties! One was solid white, one looked striped just like Spunky’s tail does and the last one had stripes but right at each foot it was solid white (we named that one Socks). Spunky had created the perfect safe place to have them and was protecting them well.  During the day on Sunday I checked up on them and all was well!


A few hours later we needed to leave to run an errand in town so we left. When we got home we had discovered that all the kittens had been pulled out away from Spunky and unfortunately they were all dead. I was heartbroken. Poor Spunky looked up at me and was whining to me. I was crushed, we all were. We don’t know for sure what predator got them and pulled the kittens out, but something did. Now we are all trying to help Spunky the best way we can as she mourns for her little ones. So, as soon as life was born into this world, death came and took that life away. It will happen being on a farm, but doesn’t make it any easier that is for sure. Always remember that life is short whether you are a person or animal and you need to live it to the fullest.