Catch The Moment 365 – Week 1

I’m very excited to be participating in the Catch The Moment 365 project! The #catchthemoment365 project is committing to take 1 picture every single day for 365 days!! As you all probably know I love taking photos and sharing them with you, so I’m looking forward to this challenge and hope you will follow me on this journey!

Day 1: The first photo of the year is a picture of my greenhouse my husband and I are building. It is almost finished and I can not wait to start growing so many different things in there!

Day 1 - 2014

Day 2: The photo below was taken at a drive thru where I paid for the car behind me. Random Acts of Kindness is a big part of my life and I strive to do them every chance I get! (If you would like to read more about my 37 Random Acts of Kindness I did for my birthday you can do so here.)

Day 2 - 2014

Day 3: I had a single chick and one little duckling hatch at the same time, I raised them together since they were born. Here they are together, the rooster hangs out with the duck and acts a lot like a duck too. They are best friends, check them out below.

Day 3 - Duck and Rooster - 2014 -

Day 4: It has been months since some of my rare breed hens have laid their eggs, but for some reason when it was freezing outside they decided to lay. The small egg below was from one of my little Silkies!

Day 4 - 2014

Day 5: One of my sheep loves to rub his whole body on all of our vehicles and I actually got a photo of him doing it! It is hilarious to watch him do this all the way around my truck!

Day 5 - 2014

Day 6: I love all of my chickens and I’m sure during this project you will see a lot of photos of them, but this particular one I just loved and had to share with you!

Day 6 - 2014

Day 7: My chocolate lab decided it would be a good idea to sleep in one of my hen’s nest boxes! She looked cozy up until I started taking photos of her!

Day 7 Caddie - 2014

I can’t wait to start taking more photos to share with you and I hope I can keep up with taking one photo a day! If you would like to find out more about the Catch The Moment 365 project be sure to check it out the links below!


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