Bodies The Exhibition – Las Vegas

One of the exhibits I visited when in Las Vegas for the #ENMNLV media tour was Bodies…The Exhibition. It was an excellent exhibit, so let me tell you why. They used real human bodies in the exhibit….yes, I did say real human bodies!

Bodies 1

This exhibit was perfect in every way because I learned so much there, but also was able to see how the human body works…the details like I have never seen before. Bodies…The Exhibition has 13 whole body specimens showcased and over 260 preserved organs on display to see the difference between unhealthy and healthy living.

Bodies 2

Remarkable is one way to describe the exhibit, it is also educational and very unique. One thing that effected me was getting to see the difference between a healthy lung and a blackened smoker’s lung. I have friends and family members who smoke and I bet if they saw this exhibit they would quit smoking right then and there. The exhibit even has a clear box right beside the comparison of lungs, saying leave your cigarettes here and stop smoking now! The box was halfway filled up, so it is definitely impacting some of the people coming to see the exhibit!

Bodies The Exhibition -

Besides the healthy and unhealthy examples, there are plenty of interesting and fun facts about the human body posted inside the exhibit. Bodies…The Exhibition is a great exhibit to go see and you will walk out of there with a wealth of knowledge!

Bodies…The Exhibition is on display at the Luxor Hotel and Casino on the Mezzanine Level.

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Disclosure: I was on a media tour for Entertainment New Media Network. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.