Apricot Lane

Once I walked in the doors of Apricot Lane, I felt really comfortable being there. Not only did the staff welcome you with a big smile on their face, but I felt like I was already picking up on some good fashion tips! This was important to me because it can be intimidating for someone like me, that doesn’t get all the ins and outs of fashion!

Disclosure: I received a gift card to Apricot Lane, but no other compensation was received.  All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

Apricot Lane - TheLateFarmer.com Outside

Apricot Lane had a wonderful layout of their clothes and accessories. I love that they match up certain outfits with their accessories. This helps me to know a little bit more about what to wear or what style is in!

Apricot Lane - TheLateFarmer.com Items

While I was there, I talked with the owners of the store, Allison and Lauren, and found out that they own the store with their mom! How cool is that? These girls are doing a fabulous job of trying to keep the prices down in their store while having boutique items to offer. They are working hard by making sure the latest and greatest items are in Apricot Lane San Antonio by traveling to Los Angeles, CA every 6-8 weeks.  They told us that sometimes you can come into the store on one day and the very next day there could be new items in there! I don’t know a lot about fashion, but I have a feeling that having new inventory to offer has got to have its advantages!

Apricot Lane - TheLateFarmer.com Inside

In an effort to learn more about what accessories I should wear with my outfits and how to wear them, I bought a few items at Apricot Lane. Then I went to my sister who is the exact opposite of me, she knows a lot about fashion and I asked for her help. See I bought a figure 8 scarf and if it was up to me, I would just wear it like a big circle scarf! However, with my sister’s help she showed me you could do so much more with this scarf! You can check out all the different ways she showed me below! And yes she loved every minute of helping me out with this!

Apricot Lane - TheLateFarmer.com

Thank you to Apricot Lane San Antonio, Allison and Lauren, for the information you shared with us and the gift card you provided us with! Also, thank you to Tori and Christina for setting up this blogger event! I had an amazing time, picked up some cool fashion tips and some new accessories for myself!