BlogHer Food ’13

I'm so flipping excited to let you all know I will be heading to BlogHer Food on Thursday! This will be my second blogging conference ever, but this is one that I'm passionate about, which is FOOD! Who doesn't like food? I love to cook, create recipes and of course eat the delicious food I make! So, I have a little hidden secret to tell you!  See for about two years now I have been creating and documenting everything that I cook. I did this because I'm like a mad scientist in the kitchen, I can Read More... [Continue Reading]

Wordless Wednesday 2

We got an extreme amount of rain last week, which I was very grateful for! It hasn't rained here in awhile, so we really did need it. Bonus for me though, I got to do a little offroading on our property! If I didn't have 4WD on my Chevrolet Suburban I think I would go bonkers! It is way too tempting to take it out there and play in the mud when it rains! I have had other vehicles in the past that didn't have 4WD and you know what I got stuck! But lucky for me I have this beast!! If you don't Read More... [Continue Reading]

Like Me On Facebook Party #50

Hi everyone! I'm participating in the Like Me On Facebook Party #50! If you are new coming to my page welcome! Please browse around and leave me a comment if you want to! I only have a few posts up, but plan on writing more and more! Here are some few things about me I thought you might find interesting! And if you would like to link up to the party please do so below! Thanks for visiting!! : ) Here are a couple extra things about me and my life: 1. My hometown I grew up in is a very small Read More... [Continue Reading]

About Me

CONTACT ME HERE! My name is Rachel and I like to dabble into just about everything!  I am very fortunate to have a loving husband and two amazing kiddos!  My husband, AKA WiseOne doesn't always agree with all my new adventures that I come up with, but he is a good sport about them!  My son, AKA CadenTheGreat usually isn't to interested in my adventures, but after a little bit of time he usually comes around, he definitely takes after his father the WiseOne!  My daughter, MiniMe is always Read More... [Continue Reading]

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

  Well, welcome to my party blog post! I'm very new to everything to do with blogging, so when I found out about this blog party I was hesitant at first. My friend Kerry gave me the encouragement to go ahead with participating, I'm very glad that I did!  Thanks Kerry!  So, here I am participating in my very first Blog Party!  Hello to you guys and thanks for stopping by!  I have big plans for this blog and even though it doesn't have much on it right now, I hope you will keep up with me Read More... [Continue Reading]