BlogHer Food ’13

I’m so flipping excited to let you all know I will be heading to BlogHer Food on Thursday! This will be my second blogging conference ever, but this is one that I’m passionate about, which is FOOD! Who doesn’t like food? I love to cook, create recipes and of course eat the delicious food I make!

I'm Going to BlogHer Food '13

So, I have a little hidden secret to tell you!  See for about two years now I have been creating and documenting everything that I cook. I did this because I’m like a mad scientist in the kitchen, I can make amazing food but I don’t use measuring cups to do it, I do it by instinct and taste. The problem with this is that I could never recreate the same thing, because I would forget what I used or how much.


Well at the beginning of this year I decided I wanted to share all my recipes by creating an online recipe book and today I would like to share it with you. Please keep in mind it is a work in progress and I plan to eventually put all my recipes on there, but for now I would like to introduce you to


When I get back from BlogHer Food, I plan to post lots more recipes and talk about all the tools I use in my kitchen! I’m very passionate about cooking and it gives me great joy to be able to share everything with you guys! If you would like to see how the conference is going this week, be sure to follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!! Until next time, I hope you enjoy my few recipes that I have created on my other site!


The Late Farmer