My First Wordless Wednesday

  My baby lambs just finished their bottles and now are resting! I love getting to bottle feed these two adorable lambs!! : ) ~Rachel The Late Farmer Follow my blog with Bloglovin Read More... [Continue Reading]


Aren't sheep suppose to say Bahhha?  I thought so to and I swear when I first brought home my baby lamb that is what he was saying! But now every time we go out there to see him, he says mmiiilllkkk instead! Probably because he is ready for me to feed him his bottle!! Oh the joys of having a baby lamb! I'm in love with this precious animal and so is my family. Just a little update on him, he is now 35 days old and I have had him for only 15 days, but he is spoilt rotten! This past Saturday was Read More... [Continue Reading]