A little about my chickens I love them and have a lot of them! They forage on our land constantly, I only supplement them with organic feed and that is very little. I would say 90% of their diet is made up of what they find on our property! They eat worms, insects, snakes and lots more things they find! It is definitely a sight to see!


Also, they are spoiled rotten, I give them treats daily and they go nuts over the treats! You can see my hens in a photo below eating a treat, it is  the pulp from juicing! My hens do not like being in a coop, instead they sleep in 30 foot trees. Every night they jump up to find the perfect spot in the tree and sleep there soundly until they fly down the next morning!


I feel that my chicken eggs taste differently than most eggs because of the way I feed them and the fact that they are never caged.  If you have ever had any of my chicken eggs, please let me know what you think of them!

Thanks so much!
Rachel The Late Farmer






The Late Farmer