#2 Random Act of Kindness

Sometimes the simplest things can be considered as an act of kindness. You can smile at someone, open a door for someone, you name it there are so many ways that you can be kind. This past Sunday we spent the day with family and it was a beautiful day outside so we decided to go to this little park. My kids really enjoyed getting to play there because the pecans were falling from the trees and there was this huge chair that they were climbing on to play King of the Mountain.

#2 Random Act Of Kindness - TheLateFarmer.com

As we were enjoying our day, other people came and went from the park. There was this one couple that came to the park and they immediately looked at this huge chair. I knew that they would want their photo taken together on it, so without any hesitation I went up to them and asked if they would like me to take their photo. The lady smiled, looked at me with a sigh of relief and thanked me several times. I’m so happy that I was able to do something kind for her without her having to feel uncomfortable about asking someone to take their photo!

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#2 Random Act Of Kindness - TheLateFarmer.com #RAK