Trent iCarrier

So I am a total newbie to the blogging world, but the first blogging conference I went to I knew right away that I would need a portable backup external charger for my phone and Ipad! I went to my favorite place, Amazon, and started researching them! After 3 hours of research and reading reviews I made my decision! I went with the Trent iCarrier.

Trent ICarrier2

I have been very happy with having this charger! The first day at the conference my phone battery was dead after 3 hours! I then plugged my phone into the Trent iCarrier for about 30 mins and it had already charged my phone battery back up to almost 50%!  You can’t go wrong with getting this charger. This charger can charge your phone and Ipad/Tablet at the same time as well! Now after going to 3 other blogging conferences and heading up to BlogHer ’13 next month I’m so glad that I went with this one.

trent icarrier

Also, I made so many “charging” friends because their phones were dead too and the Trent iCarrier  will allow for 2 devices to be charged at the same time! I can’t say enough about this charger, you will have to just try it for yourself! It is awesome!

*I received ZERO compensation for this post, nor do I work for the company. I purchased with my own money and just really do love it!

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