Three Little Ducklings

We have added three ducklings to our farm this week! These little guys are so cute, of course I think all animals are cute though!  The ducks are about 4 weeks old so they are still a little fuzzy, but most of their feathers are already in. They still need a heat lamp on them because they can’t keep warm until all their feathers come in. When all their feathers come in they rub an oil all over them from their preen gland to make the feathers waterproof and to help protect them from cold temperatures. Isn’t that so cool? Having ducks on our farm is so much fun, we love to give them treats and watching them swim in the pond!  I can’t wait until our newest additions will get to play with all of our other ducks!  Also, I would like to thank Cat for giving the ducks to us, we absolutely love them!! : )

Meet Willie, Jase and Si

(Cat and her kiddos named them and we love their names!)ThreeLittleDucklings