Court Yard Hounds – Amelita

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Hey guys, I have to tell you about this awesome CD I was given to review! If you have ever listened to the Dixie Chicks, then you will absolutely love this CD! The CD is by Court Yard Hounds, called Amelita, the band members are Emily Robison and Martie Maguirethey were two-thirds of the Dixie Chicks. The reason I think I loved the music so much is because it was a little bit of country mixed in with a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll. I’m in love with their song on the album called Sunshine, I have listened to it over and over again!


Amelita has 11 phenomenal songs on it and they all rock! This is a CD that will be staying in my car so I can listen to it on a daily basis and the cool thing about it is that my kids can listen to the music with me! I love the fact that these real life sisters came back to the limelight as Court Yard Hounds!  The Court Yard Hounds’ new album, Amelita,  is a clear statement of who the girls are as artists, defining their sound as a band, with soaring songs that are personal, yet familiar and widely relatable. Containing 11 new tracks, Robison and Maguire took a different approach with Amelita than their debut album in 2010. This album contains a new perspective, which is due in part to time passed since Robison’s divorce. “I’ve been freed of all of those time-heals-everything kind of things,” says Robison. “Now, I’ve opened up to other ideas and ways of looking at life and the world. I think it’s not only a more hopeful album, but it’s more… well fun.


Truly a wonderful album to listen to! I love it, my family loves Amelita and I believe you will to! Be sure to check out the links below to keep up with Court Yard Hounds’ news, tour dates, etc. Also, there is a link where you can purchase your copy of Amelita

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