BlogHerFood’13 Part 1

Well, it’s what everyone has been waiting for, my recap for BlogHerFood’13! First of all I must tell you I had an amazing time, I met so many wonderful people and I wish you all could have been there with me! For those who couldn’t be there, I’m going to do my best to make you feel like you were! That means this post will be photo heavy! I hope you enjoy reliving the adventure of BlogHerFood’13 with me!! : )

El Alma Cafe delicious Guajillo Barbacoa Shrimp Bites and Bloggers Whole Foods event BlogHer Food 2013 Austin Texas Rachel The Late Farmer *One of the food vendors @Bites and Bloggers! El Alma Cafe had some delicious Guajillo Barbacoa Shrimp! 

Let’s start off with Thursday’s evening event at Whole Foods. They had an spectacular event planned for us, it was called Bites and Bloggers, they really outdid themselves with this event!  We had plenty of food to eat and some wonderful drinks too! In addition to the great food and drinks, I was able to network with tons of people! Also, Whole Foods gave us some fantastic swag bags to take home!

The Pink Pig BlogHer Food 2013 Austin Texas Rachel The Late Farmer  Prickly Pear Sorbet Pig Cookies Pink Piggy*The Pink Pig @ Bites and Bloggers! They had amazing cookies, w/ prickly pear sorbet on top of wild flower honey panna cotta! Yummy!! I can’t wait to go to Fredericksburg, TX to visit them!

After going to the Bites and Bloggers event, I went to Parkside where there was a Stonyfield/Organic Valley party going on! This was the highlight of my BlogHerFood’13 adventure because I was able to meet and talk with Emily Zweber! The Zweber family farm is one of the Organic Valley’s dairy farms! I learned so much from Emily and I really appreciate her taking the time out to talk to me about all of the farm processes that goes on at her farm! I’m looking forward to hopefully getting to visit the Zweber family farm someday!

Stonyfield Organic Valley Emily Zweber BlogHer Food 2013 Rachel The Late Farmer Dairy Farm Family Son Cow Organic Valley*Emily Zweber and her son from one of Organic Valley‘s dairy farms!

On Friday morning I went to the BlogHerFood’13 welcome reception and again got to meet lots of cool people! Then I went to my first session on how to make mobile photographs that are print and cover worthy lead by the WhiteonRiceCouple. I’m so glad that I went to the workshop, I picked up some great tips from them! After that it was time for lunch and a little exploring of the sponsor expo hall!

Wisconsin Cheese BlogHer Food 2013 Austin Texas Rachel The Late Farmer Flowers Rustic Booth Sponsor*Wisconsin Parmesan Chocolate Truffles! Beautiful setup at their booth!

I had so much fun getting to talk with a lot of the sponsors, I wish that I could have talked with all of them, but thankful for the ones I did get to talk to! Everyone of the sponsors were very helpful and bunches of fun to talk with! Here are some of the sponsors from BlogHerFood’13 that I got to network with!

Pompeian Oil Grapeseed oil Olive Oil I'm changing my oil BlogHer Food 2013 Rachel The Late Farmer*Pompeian had these little samples they gave us! I can’t wait to change my oil to theirs!

First off when you came into the sponsors expo hall you had Pompeian right there doing a taste test of which popcorn has their oil on it!  Then in the afternoon they had the winner of their Pompeian Grapeseed Oil Contest doing a live cooking demo! I was thrilled to get to meet the winner, Heather from Farmgirl Gourmet!

Keurig Brew Over Ice Vitamin Burst Strawberry Pomegranate Iced Fruit Brew Yummy Refreshing BlogHer Food 2013 Rachel The Late Farmer Iced Tea Vanessa Without A Measuring Cup Fun Photo Booth *This is how much fun Vanessa and I had at the Keurig booth!

There were tons of other incredible sponsors in the expo hall that I got to meet with too! They had Canadian Lentils there that gave us some cool swag and also had a marvelous chef cooking up some vegetarian lentil burritos! Also, there was Udi’s Gluten Free and Lundberg’s Family Farms! Both of them have some awesome products that you should go check out! My friend, Vanessa from Without A Measuring Cup and I had too much fun with all of the guys and gals at Keurig! They had a great photo booth set up and always made sure we always had a Brew Over Ice drink in hand! Thanks guys for letting us hang with you and showing us all of the different kinds of  Brew Over Ice K-cups! I love my Keurig and now love it even more!

Ninja Kitchen BlogHer Food 2013 Rachel The Late Farmer Cooking System Make My Life Easier Rule The Kitchen Sponsor Mega Kitchen System Frying System

*Pictured above are the 3 incredible Ninja Kitchen products that were on display at BlogHerFood’13

After doing a little exploring and schmoozing with everyone in the expo halls, I headed back to my sessions. I learned a lot from the sessions and I’m really glad that I was able to go to the ones that I did! At the end of the day before the night time excursions took place I went to visit a couple more sponsors to learn more about their products! I’m so glad I stopped by Ninja Kitchen’s booth because I found out that every one of their three products that they had at BlogHerFood’13 I could use in my kitchen! The guys at Ninja Kitchen did a fabulous job going into detail about what each product could do! Please go check their site out as well as these three products! Ninja Mega Kitchen System, Ninja Frying System and Ninja Cooking System!

Baileys Creamers BlogHer Food 2013 Rachel The Late Farmer Vanessa Without A Measuring Cup Sponsor Baileys Non Alcoholic Iced Coffee Regular Coffee Swag Thumb Drive Yummy Caffeine Fix Grand Prize Winner*Vanessa and I showing our love towards Baileys Creamers!

Another great sponsor that Vanessa and I had tons of fun visiting with was the gals from Baileys Creamers! I have found a new creamer that I absolutely love, that is the Baileys Creamer Mudslide. I totally got addicted to it when I was at BlogHerFood’13, the gals at the Baileys booth always made sure I had my fix! Then something stunning happened! I found out I won the Grand Prize from Baileys Creamers! I’m very excited and grateful that I won! I won a year’s supply of my favorite Baileys Creamers Mudslide, a Kitchenaid mixer, a luxury tote, a signed copy of Recipe Girl Cookbook and a few more amazing items! Needless to say after this happened I was hanging around the Baileys booth a bit more than others, bringing other bloggers over to try all their wonderful products! Thanks girls for everything and keeping my caffeine level up!

Recipe Girl BlogHer Food 2013 Rachel The Late Farmer Cookbook sponsor grand prize winner Baileys Creamers Mudslide so exciting to meet in person*Lori Lange from Recipe Girl and I! I was so excited that I got to meet her and get a signed copy of her book!

Now after my full day of being in sessions, meeting with the sponsors in the expo hall and meeting all of the other superb bloggers it was time to get ready to go to our Friday night excursions! I was one of the lucky 20 people that signed up to go to the Whole Foods dinner with Chef Derek Sarno! Our family loves, LOVES, loves Whole Foods so this was a very exciting opportunity for me! Please visit the BlogHerFood’13 Part 2 to find out about my extraordinary adventure!